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SMS Privacy price slash.

18th Jun 2017

The value of Bitcoin has increased phenomenally over the last few months. A lot of customers have been asking if the SMS Privacy pricing will go down to compensate. Well, you asked and we delivered: all of our prices are slashed in half or better, as of now!

Virtual numbers: was 0.005 BTC/mo, now only 0.002 BTC/mo
Physical numbers: was 0.02 BTC/day, now only 0.01 BTC/day
Sending messages: was 0.0002 BTC/message, now only 0.0001 BTC/message
Receiving messages: still free

Hopefully this change will make private SMS capability available to a wider audience than ever.

And don't forget, we're still accepting payments below 0.02 BTC after 0 confirmations, as detailed in our 0-conf payments announcement. That means you won't be waiting around before you can use our service: as soon as our Bitcoin node detects your payment, your account will be credited and you can start using SMS Privacy.

If you have any questions or comments, please email support@smsprivacy.org. I want to hear from you.

Thanks everyone for all the support!

Yours faithfully,
James Stanley
SMS Privacy

SMS Privacy is a project by James Stanley.
Available as a Tor hidden service at smspriv6fynj23u6.onion.
Please send bug reports, feature requests, comments, concerns, etc. to support@smsprivacy.org.
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